Most universal combobot i could though of, highly configurable.
It cover multiple triggers and actions, can be controlled by commands(in constant development) also utilizes BotServer.
More Information in the Usage section

I also want to give credits to Frosty, for his join party script


OTCv8 version: always use the lastest
Tibia version: 8.00-11.00 (tested on 10.98 and 8.6)
Vithrax lib: v1.21 or newer


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Let's start with covering the window.

Combo Triggers

On Say: if Leader will send a message that will contain Phrase, combo will be triggered
On Shoot: if Leader will send any kind of missle - rune, distance weapon, wand/rod missle etc, combo will be triggered*
On Cast: if Leader will cast any offensive spell that starts with either exevo or exori, combo will be triggered*

*if you are using BotServer, those will become automatic triggers for Server Leader


But those are only triggers. Just a signal that combobot should take an action, So, now:

Combo Actions

Follow: if checked, bot will follow selected target using kondrah follow script
Attack: if checked, bot will attack selected target:
  - LEADER TARGET: it will setup target based on missles
  - COMMAND TARGET: target will be given by command, this will be covered later

Above options are not connected with triggers - they dont need to be triggered by them.

Spell: when triggered, will say this spell
Attack Item: when triggered, this item will be used on current target


Channel: this will be our unique botserver channel number, this number has to be identical for every combo member to make it possible to use, random button will generate random 12 digit channel number with every click, this wide range should make it impossible to be ever duplicated
Leader: Bot Server Leader
Server Enabled: main trigger for all BotServer related features
MW/Mana info: sharing magic wall/wild growth timers with other BotServer members and mana percent informations
Join Party: script made by Frosty, it allows all BotServer members join Leader's Party with only one click (warning: this option is usable only by Non-Leaders)
Leaders Target: keep attacking BotServer leader target 


It is also possible for Leader(any out of Combo Trigger section) to control comboBot members by commands. Those can be furtherly developed by suggestions etc. 
Currently available commands:
"ue" - cast Spell from Combo Actions
"sd, Player Name" - use SD on given player
"att, Player Name" - attack given player