Supply checker


A script that will check your supplies with a visual panel to adjust the values. This will make the decision to either proceed hunting, or quit hunting based on the supplies you have.


OTCv8 version: 1.9 to 2.0
Tibia version: any


Copy script: checksupplies.lua to the config map in: %appdata%\OTClientV8\otclientv8\bot\YOURCONFIG
Copy script: supplies.lua to the config map in: %appdata%\OTClientV8\otclientv8\bot\YOURCONFIG
Paste the following code in the tab you prefer (Tools is used in this example): SupplyPanel(addTab("Tools"))
The location of these files is here: %appdata%\OTClientV8\otclientv8\bot\YOURCONFIG
Put the following label at the start of your huntspot: atHuntspot

 At the end of your cycle in the huntspot put this function as shown below:

Last but not least, you will have to setup the main window to your liking.
Example for a knight you want to turn on mana and health potions as shown in the picture at the start.


Discord: Syndru#4623