Hold MWall


Hold MWall
Tested on Evolunia with OTCv8  version: 1.8


OTCv8 version: 1.8 (possibly lower, cannot guarantee compatibility with lower versions)
Tibia version: 8.00-11.00

Hover mouse on the tile you want to hold mwall and press the key you specified in config
To unmark all tiles hold the key for 2.5 seconds.
To unmark just 1 tile hover mouse on the marked tile and click the key

Copy script to your config. In the script you can set what hotkey will mark tiles.

-- config
local marked_tiles = {} -- Don't change anything here
local key = "PageUp" -- Change to the hotkey you would like to mark tiles with

If you have questions feel free to ask in the official otclientv8 discord.


Download script from attachments: hold_mwall.lua


Discord: Frosty#0186