"Use with" and "Use"

How to make use of the "Use" and "Use with" action!

Welcome to pt.2 of the Getting started series.
This page will contain information mostly about using the "Use" action and "Use with" action.
I might also touch on how to use these actions in combination with the "go to" action that we previously 
learnt in the first part of this guide.

So what is the "Use" action?
The "Use" action will use an item on a certain position (specified by the config creator) or by giving the item ID of the item you have in your backpack.

Lets take a quick look at what I'm talking about.

Here's a step by step picture of what to do

  1. In the first step press "use" to add the "use" action in your script.
  2. Enter the position of the item you want to use OR the item ID if you have the item in your backpack. (position format is shown in the picture.
  3. Next you press "Ok".

Once you finished adding the "use" action the bot will not use the item on the position or the item you specified in the popup window.

Following video will demonstrate how the two different ways of using the "use" action are done.
Now lets move on to the "use with" function.
The "use with" functions primary use is to use items where they're needed, Examples of that would be shovel holes, rope spots, machete spots and so on.
So how do we use this action?

This picture shows you step by step how to add the "use with" action to the script / config.

  1. Click on "use with"
  2. Enter the itemId and the position of the place where you want to use the item. example: 3308,986,1043,8  -- This will use a machete (ID: 3308) on position (x: 986, y:1043, z:8)
  3. Click "Ok" to add the "use with" action to the script

In this video I'm demonstrating how to use the "use with" action. As you can see in the video we are using magic wall rune on the position we specified which means everytime the bot reaches this action it will throw a magic wall on that position. Like I've mentioned before this action can be used for ropes, shovels, machetes and countless of other items depending on your needs.

Here's an extra video demonstration on how to use "use with" and "use" in combination with waypoints.

That's the end of this part, in the next part of the "Getting started" series we will look into the "say" and "delay" actions!