"say" and "delay"

How to utilize the "say" and "delay" actions

Welcome to pt.3 of this series. In this chapter we will take a look at the "say" and "delay" actions.
This page will include how to add and use the "say" action, how to add and use the "delay" action.

The "say" action will just like the name suggests say a phrase of your choice. This phrase can be customized to your liking. 
This action can be used to start trades with NPCs (this can be done in a different and better way which we will talk about in a future chapter) and also say secret phrases if there is such thing on your specific server. 

Following picture show you all steps on how to add a "say" action to the action list.

  1. Click "say" to show the popup window to customize the "say" action.
  2. Enter the text you want the bot to say
  3. Click "Ok" to add the action

Once you've added the "say" action your bot should do something like this when it's turned on.

Following video will show you how to add and how the bot performs by just adding a "say" action.

As you can see we're lacking some type of delay here if we only want to use the "say" action in our script. How do we fix this? Well that's where the "delay" action kicks in.

So how do we use the "delay" action?

In this screenshot you can see step by step how to add the delay action.

  1. Click on "delay" to open the configuration window.
  2. Enter the amount of delay you want (milliseconds, 1000 = 1 second)
  3. Click "Ok" to add the action to the action list

So what does "delay" do?
Delay basically pauses the bot for the duration of time you have specified in the config window.

As you can see in the video a delay action with delay set to 1000 (1 second) will pause the action list for 1 second before continuing with other actions in the list.

That's it for this part of the "Getting started" series, in the next part we'll dive deeper into the world of scripting to look at the "function" action which will open a great deal of opportunities for us when we script.